Gourmet Food Delivered Straight to Your Door!

  • Guaranteed freshness for 1 year
  • Guaranteed tenderness and flavor
  • Restaurant trimmed
  • 30-40% less fat and bone
  • Licensed and inspected
  • Free home delivery


Gourmet Selection

Wholesome Foods is one of the few companies to offer a variety of premium meats, such as Kobe beef, USDA
Prime steaks, and wild seafood. Our restaurant-style entrees are convenient and easy to make in your own home.

Portion Control

Wholesome Foods products are portioned controlled, which means that the extra weight of fat and bone has
been eliminated and the products have been trimmed to individual portion sizes, making preparation quick and
convenient. With portion control, you pay for what you eat, not for the waste.

Cryovac Packaging

We pride ourselves in being able to present products in state-of-the-art cryovac packaging. Sealed skin-tight, this clear wrap will keep your Wholesome Foods products free of freezer burn.

12-Month Guarantee

Wholesome Foods guarantees all its food products for up to 1 year after your purchase. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the quality of any food product, Wholesome Foods will promptly replace the unused portion with a product of equivalent value. Value packed items are interchangeable with other value pack items.

Rights to Cancel

If our sales force solicits our products at your door, this is a home solicitation sale. If, within a 3-day period, you decide you do not want the goods or service offered, you may cancel this agreement by written notice to the seller in person, by telegram, or by mail. This notice must be delivered or postmarked before midnight of the third business day (Monday through Saturday.) All goods must be returned in the same condition they were received. All cancellation notices must be mailed to: 15681 N. Cave Creek Road, Suite 3, Phoenix, AZ 85032.